Huntly Pastoral

Huntly Pastoral Company (Huntly) is a 1,600 hectare prestigious rural property located in the ACT comprising three titles. The titles were by way of three ninety‐nine year leases entered into in February 2002.

Huntly is more than purely a solid asset. It is part of the history of the region and is associated with significant figures of the pastoral era and the establishment of the Australian Capital Territory. It is also the largest surviving part of the original Yarralumla property. Today, charity and other events are hosted in the homestead and gardens by long time manager, John Gale.

In January 2003, Huntly was devastated by fires that swept through the Australian Capital Territory from New South Wales crossing Huntly, destroying the nearby pine plantations, the historic Mount Stromlo Observatory and devastating the Canberra suburb of Duffy, killing four people. The Huntly losses included 100 cattle, 800 sheep, 86 kilometres of fencing and many buildings. It is a great credit to John Gale and his team that the rebuilding was completed so quickly and that the property is once again so beautifully presented.