Oasis Horticulture

Oasis Horticulture Pty Ltd (Oasis) was launched as a new company structure on 1st August 2000, and the Oasis™ brand was born. The new company combined Woodlyn Nurseries in Victoria (Oasis Cranbourne) and Newport’s Nurseries in New South Wales (Oasis Springwood), two of Australia’s best known and largest family run nursery businesses. The Wood and Newport families had both established their seedling nurseries in the late 1940’s and they grew to become the largest nurseries in their respective states.


Consolo purchased Newport’s Nurseries in 1995 and Woodlyn Nurseries in 1998. We have since invested heavily in improving facilities and infrastructure at both sites, including the installation of the most modern transplanting robotics. A more integrated system between the two nurseries has improved quality and resulted in greater reliability of supply.

500 Varieties

Oasis produces over 500 flower and vegetable seedling varieties, plus herbs and flowering pot crops, with recycled water being used. Oasis Cranbourne is on a 10 hectare site at Five Ways and Oasis Springwood has 46 hectares, with both facilities employing up to 200 people at peak times.


Since the acquisition of Floriana on 1st February 2006, Oasis Horticulture produces and distributes Floriana branded seedlings through major retail outlets throughout Australia.

Australia’s Largest

Since its launch in 2000, Oasis has established itself as Australia’s largest seedling producer supplying retailers direct in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory and South East Queensland and elsewhere through associated nurseries. This is backed up by full marketing support of Oasis and Floriana brands to both industry and consumer groups.

New Products

Oasis has a long history of sourcing and providing a consistent supply of quality products. This is supported by their own plant breeding Research & Development division in Springwood, which works as a joint venture with Suntory Limited in Japan to secure the best of breeding and genetics worldwide. Plant material is sold both nationally and internationally, and Oasis has gained significant international recognition for its breeding of plant varieties such as Marguerite Daisy and Bracteantha.

Major Events

Oasis has gained a reputation for growing and supplying quality seedlings for major events and has received numerous accolades and awards for participation in these, such as the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, Floriade (Canberra), Parliament House (Canberra), The Tulip Farm (Australian Capital Territory), the “Puppy Project” at the Museum of Contemporary Arts (Sydney) and Heritage Gardens (Newcastle).

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