Our Background

Consolo Limited (Consolo) is an unlisted Australian public company with a strong record in diversified investments including property development, investing in listed and unlisted companies and in rural undertakings.

Established in 1930 as a property investment business, Consolo has a history of successful and innovative property developments, horticulture, agriculture and other diversified small to medium enterprises (SME’s) with a proven track record of attractive returns and capital growth to its shareholders and investors.

Core Business

Involvement in property development has been the core business since inception. In the 1930’s, Sydney architect Emil Sodersteen was commissioned to design many well recognised residential buildings for Consolo including Birtley Towers at Elizabeth Bay, Marlborough Hall at Darlinghurst, Kingsley Hall at Elizabeth Bay, The Wintergarden at Darlinghurst, Wychbury at Potts Point, 44 Macleay Street, Potts Point. Some of these buildings still stand today as monuments to the ‘art deco’ era.


Diversification commenced in the 1950’s with the purchase of Huntly, a prestigious rural property in the ACT. Huntly has expanded over the years through acquisition of neighbouring properties to approximately 1,600 hectares today. Huntly manager, John Gale, proudly opens the heritage listed gardens of 2 hectares for many charitable and community functions.

As a result of its long association with Huntly and other pastoral undertakings Consolo has developed valuable skills in rural management.


In the 1990’s it was decided Consolo should be involved in Small Medium Enterprises with the prime aim of creating jobs for Australians, and many businesses have been acquired and sold since then. The first acquisition was Newport’s Nursery near Springwood in the Blue Mountains near Sydney. This horticultural business has expanded through natural growth and acquisitions and is a profitable contributor to the group.

Property Funds Management

In the early 21st Century, Consolo broke new ground through the creation of new business operations in property funds management through the purchase of a serviced office business, The Executive Centre, which operates in major cities in Australia and Asia. The Executive Centre offers facilities for business people requiring temporary offices which provide additional business services.

The Executive Centre was always intended as a medium term investment. Consolo played a leading role in the Joint Venture, growing the business from 3 to 20 properties in 10 countries in the Asia‐Pacific
region from the time the business was purchased in 2000 to when the business was sold in 2007.


The Consolo investment portfolio has long included shares listed on the Australian Stock Exchange providing good returns and capital growth. The initial investments were made at the time Consolo commenced business in 1930 and since that time the investment policy has varied to capitalise upon the current economic conditions. Our investment strategy is to focus on companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange which are well managed with a profitable history and growth prospects. This strategy is designed to provide to the Company a mixture of franked dividends and capital growth.